Inmobiliaria Sud Mallorca ofrece viviendas en venta, como casas, chalets, plantas bajas, apartamentos y pisos en el municipio de Ses Salines y la localidad de Colonia de Sant Jordi.

1.- From now on your house becomes an object for sale.
Emotional detachment.

2.- Prepare the exterior of the house.
Clutter and chaos discourage potential buyers. At worst they do not want to enter. You have to remove the old clothes, mow the lawn, fix the garden and clean the front door.

3.- Create space.
A messy house looks smaller than it really is. Shelves and cabinets must be at most 80% capacity. Select and throw away anything unnecessary. Do not forget the storage room.

4.- Cleaning.
A thorough cleaning must be done. Especially windows, kitchen and bathrooms have to shine.

5.- Do you have to make repairs?
Do all windows and doors work? Do you need to replace fused light bulbs?

6.- Painting.
Paint the house in neutral colors and clear. A room painted with a dark color seems smaller.

7.- Change accessories.
Are your furniture and decorations old? Some accessories have to be changed to create a more modern atmosphere.

8.- Depersonalize the house.
You do not know who might be interested in your home. That is why you have to create a neutral environment. Remove all religious symbols, politicians, family photos and ornate decor. Hide all bathroom utensils. Let the client know what his new home will look like.

9.- Light.
Turn on all the blinds and curtains. Turn on all the lights. Buyers are looking for bright homes.

10.- Distribution.
The way furniture is placed is very important. Each room must have a single function. The client needs clear spaces to imagine his house.

11.- Create a pleasant atmosphere.
Flowers and fresh fruit, a new carpet at the entrance door, a good smell, for example to coffee welcome the buyer. The smell of tobacco or pets may be enough to discard a home.


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